Queensway Mersey Tunnel souvenir album

Stewart Bale collection

The Queensway Mersey Tunnel, connecting Liverpool with Birkenhead, was a major engineering feat of its time and was the largest sub-aqueous tunnel then built. It was constructed 1925 - 1934 and the prestigious contract to photograph its progress was secured by the firm of Stewart Bale. As a result a unique record totalling almost 1,000 glass negatives has been created.

Stewart Bale also covered the tunnel opening ceremony on 18th July 1934, attended by King George V and Queen Mary. The album displayed here| was made as a souvenir of the event, documenting the ceremony and the enormous crowds that it drew. The album contains 23 images; the first 17 (pages 2 to 18) feature the ceremony at the Liverpool tunnel entrance, with the remaining 6 views (pages 19 to 24) covering the ceremony at the Birkenhead end after the tunnel drive-through by the royal party. There is also a title page listing the members of the Mersey Tunnel Joint Committee, the body with legal responsibility for overseeing the tunnel's construction.

Images of the tunnel's construction| can also be found on the website.

Pages from the album

Follow the links below to see each page from the album. Note the zoomify facility, available on a selection of the images, which can be used to view the scenes in more detail.