'Baby in pram in garden' 1956, John Bratby

From a viewpoint as if we were pushing the pram, the baby is dwarfed by a colourful background. This is a closed patch of grass closed in by bold brick walls.

Oil on hardboard, 122 x 144.1cm

Accession Number WAG646

This painting of the artist's son is typical of Bratby's interest in the objects and details of daily life. Bratby delights in the rubbish surrounding the pram in which the child sleeps with his bear.

Although the surroundings, with its smashed windows and litter-strewn patch of grass may appear squalid, the woman who watches over the baby from the corner of the garden removes any sense of the child being abandoned or unfortunate.

It is this picturing of day-to-day events and items that characterises the work of Bratby and some other 1950s British artists. Their name; 'kitchen sink painters' came from a critic who noted that their work included every kind of ordinary object, including the kitchen sink.