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Accessibility of this website

We strive to make this website as accessible as possible to as many visitors as possible. We strive to reach the WCAG2 guidelines set by the W3C.

What we do to make this website accessible:

  • Use appropriate alt tags on images
  • Ensure colour contrast is sufficient
  • Caption or provide transcripts for videos and audio clips
  • Provide alternative accessible versions of interactive content that relies on javascript or flash
  • Test the validity of XHTML and CSS as we create new pages and styles
  • Ensure that the text on pages can be enlarged using browser controls

If you spot something that is unhelpful to you and is likely to cause problems for other visitors, please let us know.

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Reporting broken links/problems

We try to avoid broken links on the website, but if you have found a broken link or experienced another technical problem, we'd really appreciate it, if you could let us know. Report a problem.


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Data protection

Any personal information you submit to this site will be used only for the purpose provided and no other. It will not be given or sold to any outside party. National Museums Liverpool does not collect personal details about individuals, such as names and email addresses, unless they are knowingly supplied by the individual. We may compile and provide statistics through online questionnaires but these statistics will not include any information that personally identifies you.