Ambassadors, ages 16-25

women holding banner with text: People need to remember about slavery, it pains the ancestors when we forget
© Pete Carr

Are you aged 16-25?

Are you passionate about the issues that affect you most?

The International Slavery Museum is your museum, so have your say and make a difference on the issues that matter to you.

Join the Ambassadors at the International Slavery Museum to shape creative projects and campaigns. These projects will be supported by our education team along with professional artists and incredible activists.

Previous projects have included programming film events and designing modern slavery poster campaigns, as well as creating the Civil Rights and Freedom Fights card game and supporting events for Slavery Remembrance Day. You can watch the card game being played on YouTube.

Ambassadors meet for 3 hours on one Saturday each month and our new campaign will begin on 2 November 2019

If you would like to get involved or would like more information about the student ambassadors then please get in touch with or