Make & Colour

Create your own ancient Egyptian name

Egyptian name

Give yourself a name in ancient Egyptian and hieroglyphics!

Colour in the little artists

Paint online

Use our magic paintbrush to colour in these little artists.

Monkey colouring in sheet

Sea urchins

Print out and colour in a monkey, mermaid, octopus or parrot!

Drawing ideas

Get creative

30 cool ideas of what you can draw.

Horse with ribbons

May day parade

Dress the horse with ribbons and flowers.

Woman in costume

Off the hook

Dress up fashion designers in fabulous costumes!

Shadow puppet

Shadow puppets

Colour in and make Javanese shadow puppets.

Fish olympics

Make a friend

Make a strange friend like this one!

Drawing ideas

Join the dots

Join the dots to see what's happening

Design a flag

Design a flag

Create your own flag and print it out

Angel colouring in sheet

Colour in art

Choose a specific work of art to colour in.