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Galkoff's and the secret life of Pembroke Place

Galkoff's and the secret life of Pembroke Place

People of Pembroke Place

detail from painting of men looking at laboratory equipment

Detail of painting showing Ronald Ross in his laboratory. Ronald Ross was Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine’s first lecturer in Tropical Medicine. © Wellcome Library, London L0012069

Edith Rose (OBE)

A lifelong resident of Daulby Street off Pembroke Place, Edith Rose established the National Vigilance Association and worked to provide a safe place for refugees arriving in Liverpool, especially unaccompanied children and young women. She died in 1963 aged 92.

William Dawson Bellhouse

Self-proclaimed ‘Professor of Electricity and Galvanism’, a confidence trickster who gave electric shock treatments and was convicted of fraud when he claimed to predict a woman’s future from palm-reading. His intention was to convince her to stay in Liverpool as a tenant in a house he owned.

Charlie Blackburne

Boxer and publican at the Stag’s Head pub on Pembroke Place from the 1890s until his death in 1950. Items in the Museum of Liverpool collection relating to him include an apron, bowler hat, business card, documents, and photographs.

Jacob Reuben Grant

Proprietor of the successful and long-lived Globe Furnishing Company on Pembroke Place. This business was established in the 1880s and traded until 1947.

Richard Prior

Richard Prior lived on Pembroke place from around 1812 until the late 1820s. Described as "gaunt in appearance, severe in manner, and somewhat eccentric in his habits", he might not sound like an inspiring teacher, but his school was very popular and it was noted in the late 19th century that many of his pupils went on to do incredibly well.

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