International Slavery Museum

The International Slavery Museum offers a range of activities, sessions and resources for education and community groups of all ages. The museum runs popular handling sessions that promote an understanding of transatlantic slavery and life in West Africa from key stage 2. Activities that explore African heritage through arts, crafts, storytelling and music are available from early years. We also have a workshop specifically about Liverpool’s connections with slavery, suitable for those in year 9 and above.

Please note that a charge has been introduced for the workshops at the International Slavery Museum. 

Booking a group visit

Planning for your visit

We strongly advise that all teachers and accompanying adults visiting the gallery with a group read the following guidance notes. This will give you all the practical information you need to ensure that you have an enjoyable and productive visit, including sample risk assessments. 


Our workshops link to the national curriculum through our collections and displays. Booking well in advance is advised.

Tales of escape

See if you can help runaway Violet escape from enslavement in this text adventure. Can you find the Underground Railroad - the code name for a network of secret routes, places and people that aided fugitives in the United States to escape and travel to Free States?

Created by the Belvedere Academy History Club with the International Slavery Museum and Re-Dock.

Please note that this game works best on Firefox or Chrome browsers.

Classroom teaching resources